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Fakir's Character Relations Chart | For Amatomnes - The Will to Protect

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November 21st, 2009

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01:38 am - Fakir's Character Relations Chart | For Amatomnes

--- Fakir tolerates you. There might be some passing interest, but he doesn't know you well enough to determine just what he thinks of you.
♦♦ --- Fakir has spoken with/interacted with you enough that he may continue to do so of his own accord. But you're more of an acquaintance than a friend.
♦♦ --- You've reached friend status, whether he would openly admit it to you or not.
♦♦♦♦ --- You're someone he considers a very close friend, and important person in his life, and someone he can trust.
--- As the little red heart implies, Fakir is harboring deeper feelings for you. Such as love or extreme attraction, or perhaps both.
--- Slept with.
--- There's growing animosity there. For whatever reason, he doesn't really like you.
--- Strong dislike.
--- You're treading on hatred.

Strikes through name = Dropped

--- ♦♦♦♦ // //

In short, Ahiru is Fakir's partner and most trusted person. Despite his 'moron' name for her, he respects her a lot and his condescending/teasing attitude toward her is more or less because that's how he shows his affection. And that affection, in her case, is very strong. Unknown to her (thus far), Fakir is in love with Ahiru. He would do anything for her and wants to protect her and stay by her side forever, just as he promised. The fact that she's truly a duck does not bother him the slightest - if anything, it endears her to him even more.

--- ♦♦♦♦

She's Fakir's childhood friend and also mother-figure after his own parents died. Despite the way she teases and flirts with him, Fakir tolerates it all, whereas he wouldn't from just about anyone else. She's been a constant figure in his life for a long time, knows about his past, and he trusts her. He does his best to try to protect her on the island.

--- // //

Fakir is not very fond of Rue, to the say the least. They never really got along, and only begrudgingly accepted each other out of a common goal. Now, even though the story has ended, Fakir hasn't really put his dislike of her to rest. She still gets on his nerves and he's not beyond taking a verbal shot or two at her when the opening is there. Things are SLIGHTLY more neutral between them now - more for Ahiru's sake, than anything. When they worked together to find Ahiru in the forest, they learned to tolerate each other a bit more. However, with what happened on New Year's Eve, things have also gotten quite a bit more awkward.
Edel ---

Fakir doesn't know Edel personally at all, but he does feel he owes a debt to her because of the fact that she saved his life - even if this Edel comes from before the point where she died. But besides his lingering gratefulness, he still stays distanced.

Ami Mizuno
--- ♦♦♦ //

Ami was Fakir's first real 'friend' on the island. She's friendly and helpful without being intrusive or pushy, which he appreciates - she's aware of and respectful of his barriers. And she introduced him to the game of chess, which he enjoys playing for both distraction and for the strategic factor. He, in turn, teaches her ballet. And she's one of the few on the island outside of his canon friends that he feels he can really trust and be somewhat open with.
Hikaru Shidou --- ♦♦♦ //

Hikaru is another of Fakir's few friends on the island. He was initially a bit taken aback by her slight resemblance to Ahiru, but learned to appreciate her for the kind and strong girl that she is. He's not really close to her, but he does have a definite level of trust and respect for the girl.

--- ♦♦♦

With someone as sweet and innocent as Nill, Fakir had trouble keeping his icy barriers up from the start. And she melted them rather quickly. Her inability to speak and general shyness and naivety made Fakir want to protect her - especially when he discovered she was being manhandled by someone else on the island. He learned sign language to better communicate with her, started to teach her ballet, and still has the journal she gave to him as a gift before she disappeared from the island.

Miki Kaoru
--- ♦♦

Miki greatly reminds Fakir of Mytho - princely, but with more personality than the Mytho he knew. Miki's kind-heartedness, sense of justice, and desire to help people in need was something that earned Fakir's respect rather quickly. He still doesn't know Miki very well, but he's open to talking and learning more about him. And he's also thankful that Miki has been a good (and trustworthy) friend to Ahiru.
Esther Blanchett --- ♦♦ //

From the start, Fakir was a little unnerved by her - mostly because she seemed to be able to see through his rigid exterior a little. And they don't always see eye-to-eye, either. But he gradually came to respect her and everything she was doing for the less fortunate on the island, regardless.

--- ♦♦

Doll is another one of those cheerful and naive types whose friendliness was a bit unsettling, but eventually managed to break through his glares and indifference. He learned a bit more about her through a beach excursion he was dragged on, and has been at least somewhat at ease talking to her. And with her naivety nearly rivaling Ahiru's, he's a bit concerned for her safety on the island, as well.

Johnny Sfondi

Fakir hasn't spoken with Johnny too much and is generally wary of the guy. He doesn't approve of his 'women-wild' behavior in general or his flirting attentions to Ahiru. And in truth, he's a little bit jealous that Johnny was successful in assisting Ahiru with ballroom dancing. If it weren't for those rather petty factors, Fakir might tolerate talking to him a bit more.

Misa Amane

Fakir is a bit confused when it comes to Misa, due to having known her once before she came back to island, and then having to basically start over from there. He never really reached the definite 'friend' level with her as of yet, and he suspects that her over-cheerfulness is at times covering for things she wants to hide or keep to herself. In that way, he feels somewhat of a kindred spirit with her, considering he often deals with his own feelings in a similar manner (but with a mask of stoicness/indifference).

Kafuka Fuura

In one word, Fakir thinks she is WEIRD. Half the time he doesn't even understand just what she's talking about. And he didn't really appreciate being teased, at first. But with recent developments, he worries about her extreme naivety - particularly dealing with the fact that she didn't seem to understand or care about the fact that someone killed her.


Although Fakir doesn't like the fact that Kanon insists on calling him 'Sir Fakir' no matter what, he found that Kanon was incredibly easy to get along with. Which is most likely due to the fact that both of them don't talk excessively, are focused and determined, handle things in similar manners, and have a great desire to protect those close to them. Fakir has been teaching Kanon swordsmanship and is pleased that his 'student' is taking the lessons seriously and improving.

Battler Ushiromiya

At first, Fakir was rather wary of Battler, since he seemed to be the annoyingly friendly type that tend to get on his nerves. But despite that, Fakir respected his desire to learn swordsmanship along with Kanon. And although Battler hasn't been faring with the lessons as well as Kanon (and even ran his sword through the wall of the studio), Fakir acknowledges his determination to keep at it.

Gogo Yubari

Fakir was generally neutral on Gogo from the start. He allowed her use of the dance studio and they didn't really have a relationship beyond that. However, things changed when a curse had the two of them believing they were married. And after that was over with, Fakir found her increasingly hard to talk to without feeling uncomfortable. And she has since left the island.

Rosette Christopher

From his very first interactions with Rosette, Fakir was incredibly annoyed by her. Her loud voice, bossiness, and habit of insulting or making fun of him for the hell of it or to get a rise out of him was highly aggravating. They commonly fought verbally and would trade insults and rude remarks, but underneath of that, Fakir did respect her - and perhaps feel slight sympathy for her. He wouldn't call her a friend, exactly, but he did grow somewhat concerned about her before she left the island.

Rosette returned to the island. And with no memory of her past stay in Atia. Fakir has been relatively content to let things stay the way they are with her lack of memory.


Fakir isn't exactly sure what he thinks of Sasame just yet. They've only met recently and talked a little. Fakir is slightly reminded of Mytho in small ways, but aside from that, there's only a lingering interest in Sasame's claim that he can 'prove' he's trustworthy. Fakir also thinks Ahiru might have a slight crush on him. And he's a bit annoyed by the similarities in their voices.

After awhile, Sasame has mostly proved that he's not dangerous. And also that he cares about Ahiru and is willing to help protect her. And Fakir has finally begrudingly accepted that.

Beatrice is another person that Fakir is still unsure of. While she seems to think highly of Ahiru and considers her a friend, Fakir finds her harassing of Kanon to be uncalled for - and making him wary of her in general. He finds her laugh a bit annoying, as well. However, he was a little bit intrigued by their talk concerning Fate.

One of Beatrice's so-called 'Furniture' and apparently very loyal to her (though Fakir can't understand why, exactly). He hasn't really formed an opinion on Asmodeus yet, but he was grateful for her immediate assistance in searching for Ahiru.
 Joshua Christopher ---

Rosette's brother - whom Fakir actually gets along with considerably better than he does with her. They seem to have a mutual fondness for reading tales and to protect those close to them. And although Fakir doesn't know him well, he's not particularly wary of him.
Rance ---

Ever since he saw him on the network, Fakir thought Rance was a complete and utter moron. Not to mention shameless and incredibly dishonorable. And that initial impression has only worsened over time. Fakir tried to stop Rance when the man attempted to break into a 'girl's night out' gathering that he was standing guard at. Unfortunately, Fakir lost the fight and that only made his dislike of the man deepen to a further extreme. Ahiru may be convinced that there is 'good' somewhere in him, but Fakir sees absolutely nothing good about him at all.
 Ashton Anchors ---
Ashton always seems to volunteer to help out when something's wrong - or someone's missing. A trait which Fakir can certainly respect. He has gathered that Ashton is a friend of Ahiru's, but doesn't know much about the young man beyond that.
Ishida Uryuu ---

Ishida is another person who seems to share similar values to Fakir - particularly when it comes to protecting others. He stepped forward both when Fakir was looking for someone to teach Ahiru self defense measures and when he was looking to form a 'protection group' for Ahiru and Doll's 'Atia-wide camping trip' to make certain that things wouldn't get out of hand. And although he doesn't voice his gratitude well, Fakir appreciates that. However, he knows very little about Ishida beyond that.
Rolo Lamperouge ---

Rolo is something of an enigma to Fakir. He knows very little about him - and they were basically acquainted through Ahiru and her invitiation to Rolo to join a camping trip. However, despite that, Rolo has offered helpful information and even a map that he created during the camping trip. Fakir is still unsure what he thinks of him, but he's at least interested in learning more.
Cesare ---

Fakir has mostly only known Cesare in passing, considering that they are both employed at the same cafe. Only recently have they been formally introduced and actually spoken - and Cesare was one of the people who stepped forward to assist in protecting others at the camping trip. However, Fakir has no definite opinions on him yet.

Updated: February 8th, 2010.

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